December 11, 2012

About Us

Who is iMortgage™ Incorporated?

  • iMortgage™ offers intuitive online solutions designed to bring transparency and integrity to the mortgage industry;

Why iMortgage™ Incorporated?

  • iMortgage™ provides each user a personal profile which will include their approval status, documents that are required and confirmed, a designated underwriter to speak with during business hours (if necessary), and the ability to see the status of each step in ‘real time’ online;
  • iMortgage™ provides clients with the lowest rates posted offered by any bank and/or broker in the mortgage business in Ontario;
  • Clients can view, apply, and make changes to your personal profile and application approval in the privacy of your own surrounding convenient to you 24/7;

 How to obtain an iMortgage™?

  • Purchase a home through an iMortgage Partner Realtor;
  • Sign Up for your personal iMortgage™ login credential, of which will be sent through a secured and password protected email;
  • Access your personal iMortgage™ login and navigate through the online web service to gain your approval and lower guaranteed rates in Ontario;
  • Follow the easy instructions provided in your iMortgage™ account and acquire your mortgage approval, and follow the directions in order to complete your file conditions.

…simple, smart, and secure


Samuel Dawson, MBA

Principal Broker and Founder

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